Product Description

Main Features
F30 Kickscooter is the elite version of the F40 Kickscooter which also have all the performance and design of the Ninebot F40 Kickscooter. This model has a 30KM range which is suitable for all your neighbourhood ride with a top speed of 25Km/h.

Ninebot F30 scooter series comes with 10 inch wheel diameter Inflatable tires, The Inflatable tires are soft and elastic, and have good shock absorbability and better ride stability. There are easily accessible on flat, dirt, and all rough terrain.

Ninebot F30 is portable, functional and practical for all hard surface usage and provides smooth ride experience.

Specifications Max Speed 25km/h Range 30km Motor 300W Climbing 15% Lights Front (2.5W) and Rear Meter Digital Brakes Electric Brakes & Disc Brakes